Hi Friend!  My name is Robert.  Thanks for watching the video with Keala Kanae, who is a very successful Freelance Internet Marketer!  Keala is the co-founder of AWOL Academy, which is a great place to get your training to become a freelance internet marketer!

Let Keala inspire you:  “I believe in the innate greatness of ALL people; that everyone has a divine purpose buried within them. Our education is simply a tool for uncovering those unique gifts and delivering your message and service to the world.”


Are you Working Hard, but feeling like you are constantly falling short?

I’ve been there and done that!

Over the years I’ve had various jobs, yet they were all dependent upon me consistently putting in Much Time and Much Effort:

  • I did odd jobs after high school at a trucking company – fueling trucks, sweeping the garage, steam cleaning engines, and other Dirty Jobs!
  • I drove trucks for years – hauling sand and gravel, blocks, concrete, liquid nitrogen, oxygen, and argon, and hydrogen and helium gas!
  • I did much work on my various homes – carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc., doing it myself to save money!
  • I earned an associate degree while working as noted above – then, later, a master’s degree!
  • I have served as a pastor for years – putting in many hours each week!

Can you relate?  Do you feel like you are missing out on life?

Are you ready to start…

  • …working smart?
  • …working less hours?
  • …benefiting from online automation?
  • …earning more?
  • …enjoying life more?


Less Working and More Living are possible for you and for me!

You have started to learn what I’m talking about through the video done by Keala, who is very successful freelance internet marketer.

Now, check out these testimonials of people who have received their training through AWOL Academy, which was founded by Keala Kanae:


Internet Marketing does take time and effort to learn what is needed, even some expense – depending on how far you choose to advance in the training, but some effort and expense now can result in a lifetime of success!

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Thanks!  Robert

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